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Rear Trac Bar

Unfortunately, motorhomes built on an F-53 chassis tend to need some extra support by installing devices such as trac bars, anti-sway bars and steering stabilizers.  This is especially true if you drive a motorhome that’s more than 34’ in length.

The next product to help with drivability and stability is the SuperSteer rear trac bar.  Other companies like Blue Ox and Roadmaster make similar products. 

Have you ever experienced having to oversteer your motorhome just to try and track straight down the road?  Or would you like to reduce motorhome sway?  If you answered yes, then one of the best ways to help, would be to install a rear trac bar.  A front trac bar is also available if extra stability is needed to keep your motorhome tracking straight.

A trac bar is one of the simplest additions to install.  No drilling; no welding and takes only about an hour to install.  It works by attaching the rear axle to the chassis–similar to how a rear anti-swary bar works. (see photo) This bar has been designed to positively locate the rear axle to prevent lateral motion.

When installed, you should notice more control and stability especially when there are ruts in the road, bridge expansion joints, passing semi’s or other road anomalies.

For more information, visit the SuperSteer web site (link is on the home page)

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