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Roadmaster Rear Anti-Sway Bar (ASB)

Raise your hand if you enjoy high winds or big rigs passing you while you motor down the highway in your coach?  “Anyone? Anyone?”  How about when going around a corner or off-ramp?  Does the wife look for “OS” handles to grab on to as your coach rocks from side to side?

Well, if you own a motorhome built on an F-53 chassis, you’ve probably experienced all the above.  I know we have!  But as with the Safe-T-Plus steering control, there is another add-on that you can install.  However, unlike the S-T-P control, this next device helps to minimize roll and sway, hence the name: Anti-Sway Bar.  For this post, I’m talking about a rear anti-sway bar (ASB).

Roadmaster makes one of the best and largest ASB’s in the business.  I purchased and installed one for my coach and it’s made a huge difference when it comes to roll/sway.  (I’ve provided a link below to my exact ASB and where you can purchase one for yourself). Mind you, you will never rid your coach of all sway but even a reduction will allow the blood to flow back into your knuckles when holding on to the steering wheel while traveling on less than perfect weather and road conditions.

The particular ASB that I installed works with your existing ASB.  In other words, you don’t remove your stock ASB; you augment it with the addition of the new one; hence the name “auxiliary rear-anti sway bar”.

The basic mechanics work like this: The ASB is mounted to the chassis and rear-differential/axle.  What this does is anchor the chassis in place to something that is stable, thus minimizing the roll of the chassis/motorhome.  It’s a simple design but takes a beefy piece of metal to achieve these results.  As such, if you plan to install this yourself, send me an email and I can provide tips and tricks to take some of the guess work out.  As with the S-T-P steering control, make certain you torque all bolts to the correct specs.

After installation, you should notice a big difference during your test drive:

  • More stable around corners
  • More steady when big rigs pass you by
  • Less white-knuckle driving on less-than-perfect road conditions   
  • Happier wife (and we know what this leads to)…….
  • Happier life

Safe travels!


Click here for more information about the Roadmaster Aux. Anti-sway bar

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