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Safe-T-Plus Steering Control

One of the worst things that could happen to an RV'r while driving, is a front tire blowout.  Not only is it scary, it's one of the most dangerous situations to find yourself in.  When a front blowout occurs, your coach will tend to steer in the direction of the tire that blew out.  And it's not just a gradual steer; it's a jolt that pulls you in a direction you don't want to be going.  This could take place on any road and in any condition.  Many factors play into why you may experience a tire blowout.  (These will be addressed in a future post.)  

The first thing you'll want to do is something that is counter-intuitive to your first thought.  Hold on to your seat because this will sound crazy, but the first thing you’ll want to do is SPEED UP.  If there is plenty of distance between you and the vehicle in front of you, gradually speed up and don't apply the breaks.  By accelerating, you will actually help steer the coach straight rather than getting pulled into a ditch or another lane of traffic.  Once you feel you have the coach under control, then you can begin to back off the accelerator and begin a controlled breaking procedure.  If the first thing you do is apply the breaks during a front tire blowout, you will cause the coach to become uncontrollable and possibly fishtail and eventually roll over. 

Additionally, a very good investment would be to install a Safe-T-Plus steering control.  I installed one on my Open Road and has made a big difference in the steerability as well as stability of the front end; especially when hitting potholes or when big rigs blow by you.  But the big advantage this device offers is additional front-end control if you experience a front tire blowout. 

The device is basically a large shock absorber that fits to a tie rod and the chassis.  With this in place, it helps keep the motorhome going in a straight line and helps to bring the wheel back to center after a turn.  It also absorbs much of the road vibration allowing for a more enjoyable ride for the driver.  Major benefits include:

  • Reduce Driver Fatigue from Oversteering
  • Protects against front-tire blowouts
  • Keeps vehicle centered against side winds, passing Semi's
  • More relaxed driving
  • Decreased wear-and-tear on front end
  • Protects your family and investment

When you install the Safe-T-Plus steering control, you’ll have a much more enjoyable driving experience as well as the added peace   of mind knowing that if a front tire blowout should occur, you’ll be prepared.

  Here is a link that will take you to a video to help you understand how to install the Safe-T-Plus steering stabilizer.  I also suggest       that you watch some videos and even take some driver courses which will help prepare you for the unexpected while traveling         down the road.           

  For more information, send me an email to

  Safe travels!

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